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Release time:2016-08-10 15:48

On August 8, 2016,chairman of Canada DDM Sdeng and CEO Glenn Dobbin came to Zigong Lantern Culture Industry Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Lantern Culture Group) again. Investment team delegates, together with creative design partners from Shenzhen also came to Zigong to take a busy weekend with all senior executives of Lantern Culture Group.

During the meeting, Glenn Dobbin expressed that DDM was willing to expand in-depth cooperation with Lantern Culture Group in term of publicity and promotion of Lantern Culture Group in occidental places. Based on theoretical research and practical experience, Sdeng recounted how to make current business of Lantern Group integrate with the world. Sdeng pointed out that Group should have cooperate culture and a outstanding company positioning of itself, the main task is to reset the rules in the lantern industry and the mission is to tell about wonderful stories all over the world by lanterns.

Senior executives of Lantern Culture Group had robust discussions about Glenn Dobbin’s and Sdeng’s speeches and put forward some ideas. Everybody expected Lantern Group to be a unique international corporation and a hundred-year brand in Zigong lantern industry.

All the guests participating in the meeting, guided by Mr. Zhong Dongquan, the Chairman of the board of Lantern Culture Group, visited lantern production base.

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