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The 3rd London Magic Lantern Festival

Release time:2017-11-24 12:43

The "London Magic Lantern Festival" jointly created by Hometown of Lanterns Group and the British counterpart officially opened on the evening of November 23rd, London time.

The Lantern Festival was exhibited in the form of traditional Chinese lantern festivals and Chinese temple fair culture.

This was a cultural business event and audio-visual feast in the history of British Chinese. It aimed to strengthen the economic and cultural relationship between China and the UK, let the British people learn more about China in various forms and felt the profoundness of Chinese culture and became a westernmost trade and economic window of the “Belt and Road”.

The "Magic Lantern Festival" event won three awards in the UK's mainstream events: UK Event Awards, Event Awards, Festival & Conference Awards, and finally won the "Top Industry Honorary President Award".

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