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2018”Dream Back Sichuan” Large New Year Lantern Festival

Release time:2018-08-27 23:19

The“Dream Back Sichuan” large-scale Chinese New Year Lantern Festival and Real Estate Fair was grandly opened in the Law Park Central Economic Development Zone at Bazhong City in 2018.

This New Year Lantern Festival held around the three themes of "Bazhong Characteristics", "Auspicious Chinese Year" and "Happy New Year".

Among them, the large-scale zodiac lantern set "Auspicious Year of the Dog" had a complicated process and was amazing. The Bazhong humanities serial lanterns "Bashanbashui" and "Bafeng Bayun" had aroused great interest from local tourists to take photos in front of those lanterns.

There was also a highly interactive experience-based game that accredited the fun of the Lantern Festival and the laughter on the spot!

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