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Release time:2015-04-06 09:05

On April 25th, 2015, guests from Canada came to Zhongyi Company. This meeting is promoted by the Chinese Lantern Festival, aiming to develop the communication of corporation among the festival.

These guests visited job location and raised questions about the history and techniques of lanterns. Lanterns manufactures from Zhongyi Company replied and explained carefully. How did the lantern come to people’s eyes? In order to complete a delicate lantern set, beautiful samples by art designer, innovative designs by stylists, corporations from manufactures, all of these are necessary for lantern making. Gusts said hot-bloodedly, “This is the first time for us to come to China. We are lucky to know the production process and history. We all look forward to the opening of the Chinese Lantern Festival. This is a piece of good news for us Canadian.”

In Zhongyi conference room, company leaders introduced the developing progress of Zhongyi Company and the lantern sets in “Chinese Lantern Festival”. In the meantime, participants discussed the successful mode of Zigong lantern and expressed their best wishes to the festival.

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