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Workers are making lanterns of Across the Taiwan Strait 2013(Kunshan) Mid-autumn Festival, major of leaders inspect our team.Category: Zhongyi News Article From: Website Author: Xiao Li Date: Aug 14th ,2013 Scan: 45Zhongyis Workers are making lanterns of Across the Taiwan Strait 2013(Kunshan)mid-autumn Festival. As far as I know, Kunshans Vice Mayor,Kunshan Tourism bureau officials visit to the workshop in order to watch the progressing smoothly.

The theme of Across the Taiwan Strait 2013(Kunshan)Mid-autumn Festival is "Two flowers growing from the same base, lanterns light across the Strait."The main lantern zone locates in the Open Area Times Park, the second largest lantern zone is setting up Huijuse Square.The main one consists of six sub-area : Taiwan Zone, Beautiful Kunshan Zone, Aquatic lantern Zone, Comic and cartoon Zone, Contest Interactive Zone, Romantic Wish Zone,respectively.

Taiwan Lantern Zone represent Taiwan factor of Characteristic. Beautiful Kunshan Zone mainly represents double bridge, Gulian Bridges influence.It can display old-fashion towns characteristic.Comic and Cartoon Zone can set up theme of comic lantern and children play field facilities.Contest Interactive Zone displays the lanterns which are designed by citizens. Romantic Wish lantern Zone for the young peoples needs makes some lanterns which can be wished.

During the festival period, many activities will create many kinds of interactive carnivals,such as cultural performance, floats, delicious food, entertainment, lantern riddles. Meanwhile, many Taiwanese people can visit Kunshan, Yancheng Lake Crab Cultural Festival.As the result, many Chinese and overseas media will come to Kunshan.That places will become to a carnival paradise.

Nowadays, the Lantern Festival is closing to commence.Every aspect of work is beginning to progress.In order to lantern can successfully open.The Tourism Bureau asks that some relative people should be responsible for the lantern making.

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